8 Ball Pool on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

8 Ball Pool on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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8 Ball Pool on PC:

It’s an online mobile-based billiard-themed pool game controlled by Miniclip. Company operated in multiple countries such as Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and England. This game offers free content and you can easily play on normal flash-enabled browser. 8 Ball Pool is the biggest multiplayer game and daily thousands of users play this game.


User can play 8 Ball Pool in realistically-themed game rooms compete with other players. User will get Pools coins and other useful pool cues with additional qualities like extra force, aim, spin & time. User will also daily spinning wheel to collect free coins and special boxes to update its cue. Hourly free coins also available and user will also get free coins by viewing video ads as well. Not only you can play one on one game but also play tournament as well and you will get special rings and coins by wining different room’s tournament.  In 8 ball pool, solid and stripes balls available on the table. First you have to select solid or stripes ball then after potting all the selected types of balls you have to pot the black ball.

If you play one on one then different entry fee /coins required for each room to enter and play in that room like to play in London you required minimum of 50 coins and if you win you will get the prize of 100 coins. In Sydney, minimum of 100 entry fee required and by winning you will get prize of 200 coins. In Moscow, you required 500 minimum coins and get 1000 coins while winning the match. Similarly when you go on other rooms you will receive double the coins prize when you win the match.

You can also play 8 ball pool tournament and you have to win the 3 games to win the tournament. First game starts with the quarter final in the tournament, if you win that game then you enter in the semi final and then enter in the final of that tournament by winning the game. If you win final then you will not only receive free coins but also get tournament ring as well and if you lose final game then entry fee will be added into your account on the other hand if you lose in quarter final or semi final then your entry fee will be deducted into your account.

In updated version, you can also play 9 ball pool games as well and just like 8 Ball pool game, you can also play one on one and also play tournaments as well. In 9 ball pool, your main task is to pot the 9 ball but first you have to pot less number of balls. You can also pot 9 ball at start or in the middle of the game but first hitting point with cue ball will be smaller number of ball.

8 Ball Pool on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


So what are waiting for click on the below link to install and enjoy this addictive game

How to Download 8 Ball Pool on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac 

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