Angry Birds 2 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Angry Birds 2 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Angry Birds 2 on PC:

This video game is developed by Rovio Entertainment and it’s the twelfth edition of the original Angry Birds series. This game was released in 2015 and available for both android and iOS platforms. In this updated game version, Master pig steals the bird’s eggs and placed them in an airship and player has to take back eggs by defeating all master pigs. New birds with names of silver, spells are introduced with power-ups feature which can be utilize in different levels of the game.


Just like original angry birds version, slingshot is used as a weapon to throw different types of birds to break structures and get maximum stars. Player has the option to select birds of their own choice from the floor which is an extra advantage for the player to make his plans to break the structure that’s the main difference in this version. The green-pigs of different dimensions and capabilities are player’s main target and which can be crushed by striking with birds or other stuffs. Development team has done incredible work to developing astonishing and eye-catching graphics.

Birds are shown on cards and player can select bird of its own choice by clicking on desired card. Maximum score can be achieved by demolishing most items and pigs on the structure. Bird’s power-up ability can also be increased by demolishing maxim items. In this version “Destruct-o-meter” shown in the screen against every bird and when it’s full the additional card will be added. Primarily three cards displayed at once and remaining cards will appear in the deck.

When game starts, players will have total of five lives and players loses its live when all cards are used and a single pig is available on the structure. Player can also use gems if all lives have been lost.

Different types of pigs with various sizes are available when you going through the game and you can also see their chiefs on number of levels. You can also find gifts in different stages while playing the game like striking blue reward permitting you to send reward to your friend via Facebook and similarly you will get gems and bird feathers by striking red reward. Sometimes you will also find Golden pigs which can fulfill your “Destruct-o-meter” and in that way you can receive extra card as well. Player can move to next stage by completing previous stages and can’t go further without completing previous stages.

Angry Birds 2 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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How to Download Angry Birds 2 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac 


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