Carrom Champion on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Carrom Champion on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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It’s basically an incredible Carrom board game which is designed and published by and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play board games then you will surely like this amazing game. Carrom is a popular board game originally from South East Asia, with a similar concept of billiards, pool and shuffleboard. Your main objective in this game is to hit the coins with the striker and insert the coins of your own choice, and the first player who successfully inserts the maximum number of coins wins the game. Multiple game modes options are available for you to play in this game. You can also play Carrom in real-time with players available online from all around the world and show them your Carrom skills. Amazing graphics, 3D animation and excellent background music has been used in this amazing board game.


Game play for Carrom Champion on PC is very simple and easy; first you have to drag the position of the striker to select where you want to place that striker and then drag the striker to aim and then fine-tune the power to release the shoot.

Three types of game modes are available for you to play in this game,

  • Stage Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode

In Stage game mode, different tasks are assigned to you in each stage of the game and you have to complete these tasks by utilizing minimum number o shoots because in that way you will get maximum number of stars. Thousand of game stages are available in this game and you have to successfully complete previous stage of the game to unlock next level of the game.

In Classic game mode, you have the option to compete one versus one not only with computer but also another player as well. Apart from that you also have the option to play against two versus two as well. You can make team up with up but also compete against computer as well in two versus two as well.  

In Multiplayer game mode, you can compete with players available online all over the globe and show them your carrom skills. To win the game you have to insert all the coins but the difference in this game mode is that you have to insert red coin as well because it will give you three additional points. Red coin can be inserted in pocket at any time but you have to insert another coin with it as well to win the game against your opponent and get the coins.

You have to insert all the coins to win the game before your opponent and get coins. If you insert the coin in the pocket then you will be rewarded with another shoot and by mistake if you insert the striker in the pocket then foul occurs. Leader board and achievements are also visible to you that will indicate your Carrom skills. Brilliant graphics and smooth game play brings you enhanced experience for playing this Carrom game.

Carrom Champion on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing board game,

How to Download Carrom Champion on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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