Carrom Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Carrom Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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It’s basically an amazing Carrom board game which is designed and published by Nazara Games and is available for both android platform. If you like to play board games then you will surely like this amazing game. Carrom is a popular board game originally from South East Asia, with a parallel concept of billiards, pool and shuffleboard. Your main objective in this game is to hit the coins with the help of a striker and insert the coins of your own choice, and the first player who successfully inserts the maximum number of coins wins the game and after winning each game not only you will get coins but also received money as well. Multiple game modes options are available for you to play in this game. Amazing graphics, 3D animation and excellent background music has been used in this amazing board game.


Game play for Carrom Clash on PC is very simple and easy; you have to pocket the coins in the corner pockets available on the board by using the striker. You can hit the striker from your side of the board and striker can be placed on the baselines of your own side. You can pocket two or more coins in a single shoot as well and if no coin put in the pocket then you will lose your turn. To win the game, you must pocket the Queen (Red Coin) because it has additional points. But you have to very careful because Queen always have a cover which means when you put queen in the pocket then you have to pocket another coin as well in the same turn and if you can’t do that then again Queen will be placed on the board.

First you have to pick your coin color (i.e. black or white) and then you must pocket all your selected color coins before your opponent, to win the game. You must pocket your own color coins and if you insert your opponent color coin then your turn ends. If you insert two coins in a single shot which includes one your color coin and one your opponent color coin then your turn continues and if you pocket queen with your opponent color coin then your turn ends and queen also placed back on the board. You have to get maximum points by putting all the coins in the pockets before your opponent to win the game.

 Different game rooms are available for you to play in this game and each room has different entry fee,

  • Ahmedabad Royale
  • Hyderabad Nawab
  • Delhi Delights
  • Mumbai Mahel
  • Bengaluru Blues
  • Chennai Club
  • Goa Cruise

Multiple strikers are also available for you in the store and you can select your favorite striker but for that you have to spend coins which you to collect while winning the games. You can also get rewards on daily basis as well. Amazing graphics, beautiful background music and smooth game play brings you enhanced experience for playing this Carrom game.

Carrom Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing Carrom game,

How to Download Carrom Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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