Dinosaur Hunt 2018 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Dinosaur Hunt 2018 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Dinosaur Hunt 2018 on PC

It’s basically an incredible hunting and action game which is designed and published by Timuz Games and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play hunting game then you will surely like this amazing dinosaur hunting game. Your main objective in this game is to kill different dinosaurs with multiple weapons available in fertile and risky surroundings. You have to be very careful while hunting dinosaurs because after you take your first shot, dinosaurs become attentive and they start searching to find out where the bullet came from and they find you then you will be killed.  Amazing graphics, 3D animations and outstanding background music will attract you to play and enjoy this incredible 3D hunting game.


Game play for Dinosaur Hunt 2018 is very easy and simple; you just have to take aim your target, grip your weapon tightly and take shot on the dinosaur but you have to be very careful because if you miss your shot on the dinosaur then first dinosaur will search where the bullet coming from and if they find you then they will killed you. While playing this amazing game you have to try to discover sniper or assault mode because in those modes you will be able to move all around the place and hunt your target.

Your task is to hunt down different types of dinosaurs in each level. In this game you have thirty different awesome dinosaurs’ missions and you have to unlock all these missions by successfully completing previous mission. Without completing previous missions you can’t unlock further missions so you have to successfully complete all missions. In each mission, different task is assign to you in which you have to hunt dinosaurs and by successfully completing each mission you will be provided to points as well.

Different types of weapons are available for you and you have the option to select your favorite weapon to hunt dinosaur. In each mission, different weapons available in store like SVD, M200, Dragonunov, UTR, M 110, XM 500, MSR, AW 50, SR 25, M14EBR, UMP, M4A1, AK47, AK12, AR1, SR47, Tactical, AR2, HPG, Blaster, CQ16,Scar etc and you have to spend points to purchase new weapon. To aim your target you have to option to zoom in and zoom out your aim as well.

While hunting different dinosaurs you have to be very alert because these moving dinosaurs will attack you from your back as well. In this game 3D dinosaur, amazing background music, excellent bullet animations on each shot has been used and you will surely love this game.

Dinosaur Hunt 2018 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing Dinosaur hunting game,

How to Download Dinosaur Hunt 2018 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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