Golf Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Golf Clash on PC

It’s basically a remarkable golf sports game which is designed and published by Playdemic and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play creative golf game then you will surely love this amazing game. You can play golf in real-time with players available online from all around the world in beautiful golf courses. You have the option to play in tournaments, 1v1 game and even you can also challenge your facebook friends in this amazing game. To be the Golf Clash King, you have to show your skills by upgrading your club and unlocking new tours as well. Incredible colorful graphics, 3D animation and excellent background sounds has been used in this amazing game.


Game play for Golf Clash on PC is very simple and easy; when you initially enter in the game you have to complete a practice hole and after successfully completing practice hole you can play your favorite game mode. By hitting the shot, slowly you have to drag the ball backward into the center of blue circle then hold to apply the power and then release when the needle in the middle to take a shot. After that you can see that ball covering the distance which will be shown after your shot towards the hole. When the ball reaches near to the hole then you have to drag the ball back slowly and line up your shot with the hole. Your main task is to get the ball into the hole in minimum number of shots against your opponent so that you can win the game and after winning each game you will be rewarded with coins and surprise wooden chest. Tips are also provided to you in different stages of the game and these will be helpful for you to compete against your opponents.

This game will provide you to compete in 12 different tours,

  • Tour 1: Beginner
    • Courses: Meadow Castle
  • Tour 2: West Coast
    • Courses: Santa Ventura & Juniper Point
    • Unlock: win minimum 6 trophies plus 400 coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 3: Asia Pacific
    • Courses: Sakura Hills & Namhae Cliffs
    • Unlock: win minimum 21 trophies plus 1.6k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 4: 6 Star Hotel
    • Courses: The Milano & Parc De Paris
    • Unlock: win minimum 71 trophies plus 6k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 5: World Links
    • Courses: Greenoch Point & Gokasho Bay
    • Unlock: win minimum 196 trophies plus 20k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 6: US Champions
    • Courses: Juniper Point, Southern Pines & City Park
    • Unlock: win minimum 396 trophies plus 60k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 7: Tropic Kings
    • Courses: Santa Ventura, The Oasis & Sunshine Glades
    • Unlock: win minimum 696 trophies plus 200k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 8: Mountain Tour
    • Courses: Sakura Hills, Glenmonarch & Vineyard Acres
    • Unlock: win minimum 1196 trophies plus 600k coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 9: Platinum Resorts
    • Courses: Greenoch Point, The Milano & Southern Pines
    • Unlock: win minimum 1796 trophies plus 2M coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 10: Club Oceania
    • Courses: Namhae Cliffs, Gokasho Bay & The Oasis
    • Unlock: win minimum 2496 trophies plus 6M coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 11: Voyager Tour
    • Courses: Santa Ventura, City Park, Sunshine Glades & Parc De Paris
    • Unlock: win minimum 3296 trophies plus 20M coins to unlock next level
  • Tour 12: Origin Links
    • Courses: Glenmonarch Estate, Greenoch Point & Porthello Cove
    • Unlock: win minimum 4296 trophies plus 60M coins to unlock next level

Initially when you play 1v1 mode in 1st tour i.e. beginner, entry fee is 50 coins and if you win the game then you will get 100 coins plus wooden surprise chest as well.

Raise the stakes to progress through more advanced tours. To win club card bonuses you have to earn promotion in weekly leagues. You also have the option to save and share your best shots with your friends as well.  You can chat with player during the game and also share emoji’s as well.

Golf Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing golf game,

How to Download Golf Clash on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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