Granny New App on Pc / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Granny on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Granny on PC:

It’s a new Horror Android Game in which your goal is to run out of the Granny’s house safely.

Granny an arcade game has crafted and designed by DVIoper. Its amazing graphics with horror but reasonable sound effects makes it exciting and amazing game for the people who like scary stories.


In comparison to horror games already exist on stores, this game is different in various ways; the main character is Granny in this game which has not only horror voice but also scary personality as well.

Not surprisingly you are the victim in the game and Granny locked you in her scary house. Your main objective is to escape from her house.

While playing Granny on PC you have multiple options to hide in different locations like wardrobes, tables, behind the room doors etc so that Granny’s can find and kill you.

Be very careful in Granny’s house because if she hears any noise then she will catch you so your main aim has to be to run out of her house silently.

Granny’s horror house consists of three different floors – ground floor, upstairs and basement. You can find multiple stairs in her house that will guide you to different rooms. In Granny’s house, all rooms are placed in rounded fashion and you can move to any room through connected doors so be careful because Granny will come kill you from everywhere.

To escape from the Granny’s house, first you have to find multiple keys of different colors hidden in the house so that you can unlock the doors and run way from that scary place. You can search these keys in Granny’s cupboard, kitchen drawers, and dressing table or sometimes you will find hidden keys in her bathroom as well. You can also find weapon in Granny’s house which will protect you from her whenever she will catch you then you can use that weapon on her to protect yourself. By using that weapon you will tranquilize Granny for few minutes and you can run her.

You have to run out safely from Granny’s scary house as quickly as possible. To do that you have to move quickly and silently so that she will not caught you and searching hidden keys every place in her house.

 Granny New App on Pc / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


Click on the below link to install this horror game on your PC / Mac

How to Download Granny on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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