Lep's World 2 on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Lep’s World 2 on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Lep’s World 2 on PC

It’s basically a successor of Lep’s World game which is an adventurous arcade game. This upgraded version is also created by nerByte GmbH and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play adventurous game then you will surely like this amazing game. In Lep’s World 2, not only additional game stages with more enemies introduced but also developed enhanced game physics, amazing graphics and stunning background sound as well. In this upgraded chapter of the game, you have to help Lep to rescue his villagers and get back gold which is stolen by Evil wizard. While running on different stages of the game not only you have to run fast to help Lep but also you have to control your jump timing as well because lots of hurdles came into your way as well and you have to beat these hurdles by jumping and running timing your jump accurately. Multiple world stages, hundreds of challenging game levels and multiple game characters are available in this game. You have to rescue Leprechaun’s villagers and demolish numerous enemies by firing and jumping on them and collecting thousands of coins which was stolen by Evil wizard. Stunning new graphics, 3D animations and excellent background music has been used in this amazing game.


Game play for Lep’s World 2 on PC is very easy and simple; on the bottom left of the screen you will navigation buttons from where you can move your character forward or backward and on the bottom right side of the screen jump button is available. You can use Fire’s button as well which is available on the center right side of the screen which can be used to kill your enemies. You have to run swiftly with accurate control because lots of hurdles came into your way and you have to overcome these hurdles by jumping wherever required. You will find thirteen different enemies in this chapter of the game and you have to kill these enemies by not only jumping on them but also you can utilize fire option as well. If you want to kill your enemies by jumping then your jump timing has to be accurate because if it’s not accurate and your enemies touch you then your energy will be decline. While running on different twelve world stages of the game, you have to jump very carefully because you will find multiple moving objects as well. You will also find bricks and other items which can be breakable and you have to break those items and collect gold coins hidden on them to increase your points and also explore hidden treasures as well.  Try get maximum scores and collect maximum gold and other items which came into your way while running on each game stage because in that way you will get maximum scores after completion of each game stage.

You have to travel in twelve different worlds with ninety six thrilling game levels and fight with thirteen different aggressive enemies. You have to be very careful while running on different stages of the game because you will face several enemies everywhere which try to kill you. Lep’s multiple friends etc are also available for you in store and you have the option to select your favorite Lep’s friend but first you have to unlock that friend. While playing this game you will find amazing graphics, 3D animations and excellent background music which will add an extra flavor to play this amazing game.

Lep's World 2 on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing adventurous game,

How to Download Lep’s World 2 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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