Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC

It’s basically an amazing connect line puzzle game which is designed and published by BitMango and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play puzzle games then you will surely like this colorful pipe connecting game. Your main objective in this game is to link matching colors of dots with pipe and covers the entire game board to solve the puzzle but you have to be very careful while taking any move because pipes will break and puzzle will not be completed if they overlapped or cross each other. Try to utilize minimum number of turns to complete each puzzle so that you can get star. Amazing colorful graphics and beautiful background music has been developed in this puzzle game.


Game play for Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC is very simple and easy; you just have to swipe on the game board to draw a pipe and connect same color of dots and after successfully completing each puzzle you will get star. While connecting same color of dots with pipe on the screen you have to be very attentive because not only you have to fill out all the blocks on the game board but also watchful that pipes will not be overlapped as well and if you neglect any block or overlapped any pipe then game puzzle can’t be completed successfully. Your task is to try to link all same colors of dots with pipes in minimum number of shots because in that way you will get maximum star. You will find initial game stages easy but when you move later stages of the game then you will face difficult game stages.

You will find several game puzzles with different sizes of grids like in regular you will find 150 puzzles with size 5 to 9 levels, in art you will find 100 puzzles, in regular 2 you will find size 6 to 10 levels, in wall you will find 6 to 9 levels with wall, in size 5 mania all size with 5 basic levels, in size 6 mania all size 6 basic levels, in size 7 mania all size 7 basic levels, in size 8 mania all size 8 basic levels, in size 9 mania all size 9 basic levels, in size 10 mania all size 10 basic levels, in size 11 mania all size 11 basic levels and in wall 2 mania all size 7 to 10 levels with walls are available. More than one thousands games levels are available for you to play and without successfully completing previous stages of the game you can’t unlock next stage of the game.

Multiple game themes are available for you like basic and Christmas theme and more themes are coming soon and you have the option to select your favorite game theme as well. Amazing background music and colorful graphics effects are developed for this puzzle game and you will definitely like to play this addictive game.

Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing line connecting puzzle game,

How to Download Line Puzzle: Pipe Art on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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