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It’s basically an arena game which is designed and published by Lowtech Studios. This is a multiplayer game and your main task in this game is to control the movement of snake in search of food pills. Your snake size will be increases by eating food pills so the more you eat, the size of your snake increases more but you have to be very watchful because if your snake head touches another player snake then you lost your life and other player eat your remaining and increase its snake size.

Description on PC is an interesting game which can take you back in your young days. It’s a simple arena game in which you have to control the movement of your snake. The best part in this game is that you can even win this game if your snake size is small; whoever best controls the movement of its snake will win the game. Initially when game starts, your snake size is very small and you have to consume different colors of food pills available on the screen. You try to find out some special food pills which are extra healthy on the screen because if you eat those food pills then your snake size increase quickly if you compare with normal food pills.

The more you eat the size of your snake increase quickly. You have to be very careful and control the movement of your snake because if your snake head touches any part of your opponent snake then it will burst out and you lost your turn and after that your opponent simply will eat your remaining and increase its snake size. You have to try to move around your opponent snake very sharply so your opponent make mistakes and touches its snake head with your snake and burst out and after that you quickly eat its remaining and increase your snake size quickly.

Multiple game modes are available for you to play this game. You not only play against A.I but also play with online players available all over the world. The more your snake size the more points you get and top on the score board. You can also change skin of your snake as well as per your favorite color. graphics and animations are very eye-catching.

So what are you waiting for, download this game, compete players all over the world, swallow your opponent snakes, get maximum scores and get your name on the top of the score board. on PC/ Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing arena game,

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