Street Chaser on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Street Chaser on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Street Chaser on PC

It’s basically an amazing running, chasing and catching adventure game which is designed and published by iGold Technologies and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play adventurous games then you will surely like this amazing game. You main objective in this game is to help your partner who was robbed by a bunch of criminals and you have to run after them and recover your partner items which was robbed. Multiple missions are assigned to you in each stage of the game to retrieve your partner items from the criminals and to complete these missions you have to run as fast as you can all the way through different locations. You have to be very careful while running because lots of hurdles came into your way and you have to overcome these hurdles by jumping, dashing and sliding above and around them so that you can complete each mission successfully. After successfully completing each mission, you will not only be rewarded with maximum points and stars but also list your name on the top of the leader board as well. Amazing colorful graphics, 3D animations and incredible background music has been developed for this adventurous game.


Game play for Street Chaser on PC is very simple and easy; you just have to swipe on the screen to change the direction from right or left, drag to jump over the obstructions and slide on the screen to run under the obstructions as well. While running rapidly to chase down criminals who robbed your partner handbag, you have to pick objects which came into your way and hit or kick them towards the criminals so that you can complete the assigned task successfully. You have to be very careful while following them as you will face lots of hurdles and to overcome these hurdles you have to jump, dash and slide above and around them by swiping on the screen and for that timing accuracy is important if you didn’t jump or slide at the right time and hot with an object then you will you’re your life. To get maximum points and stars and list your name on the top of the leader board, you have to grab criminals quickly by hitting them with bottles or kicking them with footballs which you find while chasing them. Hundreds of unique missions are available for you to play in this game and you can’t play next mission without successfully completing previous mission so try to get previous missions and move to further stages of the game.

You also have the option to select your favorite avatar while chasing ten different criminals’ characters because thirteen different avatars are available for you in store but to get your favorite hero character you have to spend coins so first try to collect maximum coins while completing missions so that you can purchase your favorite avatar. You will find bottles for hitting and balls for kicking towards the criminals. Spin wheel also available for you to get additional coins and other items as well.

Multiple power boost like bottle availability, ball availability, health booster, mega health booster, score multiplier, coin 2x duration, coin 3x duration, magnet duration and shield duration are also available for you in store and you can purchase them by spending coins which you collect while completing missions. While playing this game you will surely observe incredible colorful graphics, 3D animation and amazing background music as well.

Street Chaser on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this incredible adventurous game,

How to Download Street Chaser on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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