Word Collect on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Word Collect on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

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Word Collect on PC

It’s basically an incredible word puzzle game which is designed and published by Platinum Player LLC and is available for both android and iOS platforms. If you like to play word puzzle games and want to test your vocabulary then you will surely like this amazing word puzzle game. Your main objective in this game is to swipe the letters on the screen and make combination of letters to figure out hidden words and get points. You can get multiple points as well by finding out extra words. More than thousands of different word puzzles levels are available for you to test your brain. So what are you waiting for, install this amazing crossword puzzle game and enjoy your time.


Game play for Word Collect on PC: Free Word Games is very easy and simple; you just have to swipe on the screen to make a combination of word vertically or horizontally. By successfully completing each game puzzle you will be rewarded with points and if you discover extra word then you will be rewarded with bonus points as well. You have the option to shuffle letters as well if you couldn’t find any word. Apart from shuffling letters you also have hint option which can be utilized by spending coins. By using hint option one word will be visible on the screen but for that you have to spend 120 points so try to get maximum points in each level so that you can utilized that option when you stuck somewhere. Pick option also available for you and you can select hidden box as per your requirement and after that hidden letter will be visible to you but for that you have to spend 240 points for one hidden word of your own choice.

Currently more than thousands of game stages are available for you to test your vocabulary. In initial stages, difficulty level is easy because quantity of numbers of characters are minimum but when you move later stages of the game then you will find this game difficult as well. Daily challenges options are also available to so that you can get additional points by successfully completing these stages.

You have unlimited options to figure out as many words as possible. You don’t need to rush to complete each stage of the game because you have unlimited time to complete each game level. Amazing graphics and sounds effects are used in this amazing word puzzle game. Internet is not necessarily and you can also play this game wherever you are.

Word Collect on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac

Click on the link below to install this amazing word puzzle game,

How to Download Word Collect on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & Mac


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